Why Choose Us

Practice Philosophy

We are a Comprehensive care dental practice. Our procedures and treatments are tailored to match the specific concerns of each and every member of your family from the perspective of your entire mouth being healthy. Our philosophy is based on the concept of providing our patients with "A comprehensive plan for ideal dental health."

This treatment philosophy lets us look at your long term dental picture, creating a plan that will allow for your mouth to be its healthiest now, and in the future. The constituents of a comprehensive plan for ideal dental health consist of 5 basic things.

  1. The foundation of any dental care is to have healthy gums. The first thing we focus on at Etobicoke Dental Care is to make sure every one of our patients has healthy gums. The gums and bone are the foundation for your teeth. Without a healthy foundation any other dental care cannot be performed. The published data in the literature also relates gum disease to a person's over-all health including heart disease, and many other problems. The connection between your over-all health and its relationship to healthy gums is given top priority in our treatment sequence.
  2. Monitoring your dental health periodically through yearly dental x-rays and twice yearly dental examinations, and treatment of your gums and teeth at appropriate times. This philosophy of diligent prevention minimizes the risk of rapid advancement of infection and disease of the gums, bone, and teeth.
  3. Replacing and restoring missing teeth and or fillings in a way that will enhance comfort, function, and appearance.
  4. Performing dental treatment through the dentist that has specific training and focus in a certain area of dentistry. In this way, you receive care from a dentist best suited to meet your needs. Sometimes this philosophy entails utilizing a referral to a dental specialist such as a pediatric dentist, endodontist, periodontist or oral surgeon. Each specialist utilized by our patients for treatment is a reflection on us, therefore is selected with the utmost consideration.

This comprehensive plan for ideal dental health blends the art and science of dentistry with everyday realities of your lifestyle, personal attitudes about health, and your budget.